[Watch] Buck Angel urges our community to support the Trans Disaster Relief Fund

The Sun Sentinel reports on the Trans Disaster Relief Fund
September 3, 2017
HRC reports on the Trans Disaster Relief Fund
September 3, 2017

Buck Angel: “Not everyone is in a position to be treated respectfully so we must care for our own…”


Speaking about the Trans Disaster Relief Fund, Buck Angel urged the trans and supportive communities to support trans, intersex, and genderqueer community members survive Hurrican Harvey, “We must care for our own right now.”

Recent attacks by lawmakers have resulted in heightened hostility against local trans people. The Trans Disaster Relief Fund will be used to help our historically underserved community recover from this catastrophic event. If needed, the fund will also assist with burial costs for community members who’ve lost their lives in this historic disaster.

The Texas Gulf Coast trans community is facing a catastrophic and ongoing natural disaster resulting from Hurricane Harvey which made landfall as a category 4 hurricane, becoming a massive and slow-moving tropical storm resulting in historic-levels of flooding. Numerous members of the trans community are displaced and have lost everything.




A version of this article first appeared on the TransAdvocate

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